I’ve always been a cardio person. I believed if I wasn’t pushing myself to exhaustion, then I wasn’t doing anything good (or worthwhile) for my body. But, recently, I have discovered the joys of weight training.

There are all sorts of healthy reasons why people should train with weights. You might’ve read about them in fitness magazines. They are, but not limited, to:

  • Increased bone density
  • Improves muscle mass
  • Burns calories longer
  • Helps balance and coordination

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever! Those are great, but here’s what I – a working mother, runner, triathlete-wannabe – love about weight training:

I can do it at home.

At 5 a.m., I don’t have to worry about going outside in the dark for a run or to drive to the gym I don’t belong to. I have a pair of 5-pound dumbbells and I can rock a 30-minute strength routine with them and my exercise ball in my living room.

I can find weight training routines online.

A simple Internet search on strength training will turn up lots of workouts. Many of them have YouTube videos to show proper form. Personally, I like Jamie Eason’s home strength training workouts on Bodybuilding.com. All of her moves have accompanying descriptions and videos so you know exactly how to do each specific lift. And Jess at BlondePonytail.com has some great cardio-infused strength routines.

I can catch up on my shows.

This is the best part about strength training for me. I don’t have time to sit and watch TV, but I can justify it if I’m lifting! My DVR would be out of control if I didn’t do my weight training. I have the Jillian Michaels Hot Bod in a Box cards, and I can just mix those up for a custom strength workout while I catch up on Project Runway.

I notice weight training results quickly.

I can usually see more defined muscles, and a slimmed down tummy after only a few days doing strength training. It doesn’t always show on the scale, but it does in the mirror! And that is motivating!

What are your favorite strength training workouts? Do you have a go-to weight training routine to share?