Did you watch the Grammy Awards last Sunday, yes last.. ?

I know.. we are a bit late on this.

Whether you did or you didn’t, you are probably wondering what the Grammys have to do with a blog about fitness. But if you listen to music while you exercise, then you understand. Watching music awards shows can be a great way to discover new music and artists for your playlists. I’ve never really been a Bruno Mars fan, but I liked his performance of “Runaway Baby,” and can see myself running to it.

Watching the show on Sunday also reminded me of some of my favorite singers from my youth – such as Whitney Houston and the Beach Boys – and I thought, “Why not do a retro playlist?” There’s no rule I have to listen to today’s “favorites.” I could even make a country music playlist to run to! (And I did. I’ve got Alabama, the Dixie Chicks, Jason Aldean, the Zac Brown Band and even Alan Jackson on there.)

Don’t get me wrong, I like working out to LMFAO , but I think I could really get on board with some Tom Petty every once in a while, too. The tricky thing about making a playlist, especially if you plan to run to it, is choosing songs that mesh well with your pace.

For this, I turn to the website jog.fm. The site features tons of songs and can match them to your pace. For example, if I’ve got a tempo run on tap, I need something closer to an 8:13 pace. So I just enter that time into the search, and jog.fm brings up the songs closest to it. You can also see the song’s Beats per Minute (BPM), which is especially helpful if you train using a heart rate monitor. Plus, the website allows you to preview the song or buy it. You can even narrow your search by genre or search for a specific song.

Where do you find new songs for your playlists? What are your favorite songs to exercise to? Did you discover any new songs by watching the Grammys?