Hey, did you know that we here at 2Toms are willing to give our products away for free?! It’s true! In fact, we actively seek out people who may be interested in receiving free samples of BlisterShield, SportShield, StinkFree and our latest product, ButtShield.

Might you be interested in such a deal? Let us know!

Of course, we’d appreciate it if you would also review our products on your blog after you’ve sampled them. Just sayin’…

After all, we want to make sure that people know about us and they like what we have to offer. And what’s a better way to get the word out about our awesome blister and chafing prevention products than to give them to you to use and review?!

Our fabulous and growing family of bloggers who try out our products then post their honest and informative opinions on their sites for all to read really help us keep the public apprised of all our great products. Thank you, dear bloggers, for all you do!

Becca, over at Peace, Love& Bagels (LOVE that name!) (http://www.peacelovebagels.com) wrote this great review of the ButtShield we’d sent her earlier this spring, saying in part:

…with Butt Shield you are pretty much guaranteed not to chafe, while if you use (products such as deodorant), it’s liable to rub off in the course of 26.2 miles, leaving you no better off than if you hadn’t used it at all…it’s certainly worth the 13 bucks, if you want to avoid the pain after your long runs.

Thanks, Becca! We’re so glad ButtShield impressed you as it did. Not that we thought it wouldn’t! J

For Becca’s full review, click here: http://www.peacelovebagels.com/2011/04/product-review-2toms-buttshield.html.