Phew! I don’t know where you’re reading this from, but here in the U.S. northeast we are currently enjoying some intensely hot summer days. As I write this, the outside temperature is easily topping out at 100 degrees or more. And the humidity! It’s oppressive enough to make you want to visit a sauna to get some relief.

It’s hot and muggy, is what I’m sayin’. And it’s just not that much fun to be out in at all, much less maintain an exercise regime amidst.

My hubby has dusted off his gym membership this week, actually putting to good use the money we set aside each month for him to be able to visit as often as he wishes. When the weather is agreeable – nice cool Spring days, for instance – he prefers to be outside running trails or jogging on the street. But hot weeks like we’re experiencing now send him right back to the air conditioned indoors. Using the gym equipment to help him get the exercise he needs and wants works just as well, thank you very much.

Another tactic he’s employed when the humidity settles in is to pay attention to the weather and be more flexible about when he exercises. Whether that be getting up earlier or running in the evening after work – whenever will be the coolest portion of the day is when you’re more likely to find him outside getting some exercise in. And of course he’s wearing water-wicking shorts and tank. To wear cotton or the like in this heat will only make the material drown in your sweat, and thus become heavy and stick to your skin. Better to have clothes using wicking material which stays light while wicking the sweat off you as you work out.

You also want to be wary of not pushing yourself as you might during a cooler season or day. Dear Hubby had planned to go running early this morning before work, but after a fitful night of heat-induced/no-air-conditioning-in-the-house non-sleep, he thought it better to take the morning off all together. And if he had gotten up to run? Well, I’m sure he would have taken it easy by making a light day of it. Summer sweltering heat is not the conditions you want to be dealing with when deciding to push your usual exercise routine to its limits.

Please don’t hesitate to employ some of my oh-so-smart Hubby’s summertime exercise tactics for yourself. Also remember to keep yourself hydrated!!! Take plenty of water with you and drink a sip or two every 20 minutes at least. Be advised – once you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. So keep those liquids a comin’.

With these summer exercise tips, you should be able to maintain your regime even in the thick of the summer heat and humidity. Above all, stay as cool as you can, and hydrated as you can and you should be just fine. Have fun!