3 Days after my test run, I decided it was in fact, time to join the ranks of the Runners again. I went out with my wife to her favorite loop, Portage Beach. She would walk the loop, while I would run as far as I could, then walk.

The loop turned out to be a mile, which was great as I like to keep things systematic when I run. I didn’t even pretend to stretch. I just went out and ran…which was different than walking. much different. When you walk, your heel hits first and your foot follows thru. But as a runner, I’m much more of a ‘mid foot’ striker. Not having done this for a while it took the first half mile for my Achilles to stretch out.

The loop ended with a flight of stairs and as I turned the corner to start them, I bounded up them with eagerness, for all of the first half. I then plodded up the last half, my chest heaving and my heart & lungs screaming at the exertion! I walked a few steps, and then started into the 2nd loop. If anything, the 2nd loop seemed easier. As I reached the stairs, I decided to take them a bit more cautiously, no use having a heart attack the first day back running. I started into the 3rd loop completely spent, but was determined to get to my wife before stopping. As it turned out, I met her near the halfway mark, where I gladly slowed to a walk! I had run 2-1/2 miles the first day out and little did I know…I still had 2-1/2 miles left to walk before we were done!

But I was back! I was really becoming…

The Recovering Runner!