Have you ever missed a day of exercise because of a blister on your foot?

I have. When I began running in 2009, I used to get the worst blisters on my feet. After my first half marathon, I had 10 blisters covering my feet and toes. Ten! I had no idea that there were anti-chafing products like 2Toms SportShield that could actually prevent, or even act as a treatment for, blisters. I thought I just had to deal.

Well, if you are dealing with blisters right now, you are actually in luck because 2Toms, the makers of anti-chafing and anti-stink products for athletes, just announced last week that it is holding its Third Annual Worst Blister Challenge! The winner gets six months of 2Toms products! No more just dealing with blisters!

To enter the contest, just take a photo of the worst blister on your feet or hands, and upload it to the contest website. Everyone who submits a photo to the contest will receive a free BlisterShield sample! Then have your friends and family vote for your blister to win!

Ready to enter? Go to the contest page and submit your photo (up through Monday, April 23, 2012). Then, starting April 24, ask your friends and family to vote for your blister photo. The blister with the most votes by May 25 wins 6 months of SportShield, ButtShield and Stink Free products from 2Toms!

Maybe I should go out and get some blisters on my feet, so I can enter…