Okay, so enough about my husband and his running. There are other great outdoor sports to enjoy!

Biking, for instance. And with the cooler shift in temperature into the Fall, it’s certainly a lovely time of year to find yourself pedaling around – enjoying the scenery and the moderate temps while also getting in some great exercise.

Perhaps I associate the Fall with biking because my daughter taught herself how to ride her bike – sans training wheels – just last fall, early October. As Hubby and I stood there “discussing” (emphatically) how to go about her 2-wheeled training, she just up and took off. “I don’t need nobody’s stinkin’ help,” she seemed to be saying. And she’s been a great biker ever since.

Here in New England, there also seems to be plenty of biking-related outdoor events and races this time of year. How do I know this? Well, by taking a quick search of the “Events” portion of a great website I just found: www.bikeride.com.

At bikeride.com, anyone can find, at a click and a glance, information on all the different biking related events going on in any part of the U.S. You can search by state, in fact, or even by event type (“road”, “mountain,” “cyclocross,” or “multisport” to name a few.)

This website isn’t what I’d call flashy, by any means. There is no “About” section, for instance, where the creators regale their story of why they felt it was their duty to present such an all-encompassing site to the world at large. But bikeride.com is a simple, searchable list of topical events, offering more deeply clickable links to more information about each event listed. Dates, places, registration info. Informative, good stuff to know.

You can also connect with bikeride.com on Twitter, view copious amounts of user-submitted biking photos at the site’s Flicker account, and/or find links to all sorts of other great information, like places that offer Biking Vacations, different bike Manufacturers, and area-specific (biking related) Regional News as well. All in all, it really is a great, one-stop-shop for all your biking needs.

I highly recommend “www.bikeride.com” to any of you who are itching to hop on your bike this season for some good cycling fun. Whether you want to compete against other racers or you just want to join a local biking club, bikeride.com can help you find the quality cycling experience in your outdoor fun that you’ve been hoping for.