Protection for Marathons & Ironman Races

I have shared your products with many athletes who have started using your product. It is great to have in their sox/shoes for protection and works wonderfully in the triathlons for sox and shoes out of the water to the bike. I coach for a local group and have my own coaching group go3sports on the side. (more…)

I’m an ultra runner

“I’m an ultra runner (100 miles) and I now swear by this stuff! No blisters, no chafing. My secret of sucess: before race, roll on the SportShieldâ all over feet and toes. Then add the BlisterShield powder to in toe socks. I’m then good to go for 100 miles without a sock change or any foot worries!”

Geoffrey Baker – Ellicott City, MD

I Love This Product

“I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I used SportShield for the first time when I trekked the Breast Cancer 3-Day, which is a 60-mile walk over a three-day period! My friends all used the “other” foot slime, and they had blisters, and calluses and blisters on calluses… you get the idea. Every night I removed my socks and had perfect, beautiful feet! You would never have known I’d walked 20 miles that same day. This is seriously the best product ever. I and both my very happy feet thank you!”

Sarah Ross – Costa Mesa, CA