Running in the Dark … with a Dog


I need exercise. (Especially since I like dessert.) But sometimes life dictates when I get to work out.

Last week, I had to do a little night running, which is tough for me since I am a giant chicken. I also had to take my dog. My very hyper dog.

Below, are some tips I’ve learned for running in the dark, plus my advice for running at night with a dog.

  • Run with a buddy or a group. You are more likely to be seen and there is safety in numbers. I figure a 70-pound boxer counts as a buddy. One who jumps four-feet straight in the air every time he sees an inflatable vampire Winnie-the-Pooh, though, doesn’t really give out the “don’t mess with us” vibe I was hoping for.
  • Stick to routes you know well. We hit the cul-de-sacs in the neighborhood, but I soon learned that I had to pay attention to upcoming spooky Halloween décor (we would cross the street or, at least, go way around).
  • Be aware…of everything. (more…)