2Toms Knowledge: Learn How to Prevent Blisters, Stop Chafing & More

Athletes are generally a helpful bunch. We want to see each other succeed. Okay, maybe not always in the same race, but we do like to help each other out.

I didn’t realize that when I was a new runner. I felt I had to figure it all out on my own. I didn’t want to look like a noob, I guess. Maybe that’s why I enjoyed helping 2Toms with their Knowledge Base Web pages.

The Knowledge Base pages include useful information on a range of subjects for athletes, including advice on how to prevent foot blisters for runners or how to prevent chafing for runners. While those might sound like the same topic, they’re actually not. Both subjects come with different problems and solutions. For example, while toes can rub together—skin on skin—and cause blisters, fabric is often the culprit when it comes to chafing.

Cyclists, hikers and walkers have different questions than runners, of course. Learn about common hiking and walking injuries, or find out about gear that can help prevent chafing for athletes of those sports. You can also get information on what causes body odor and how to stop it. I know I didn’t really want to ask anyone about that.

If you have a blister, find out what kind it is and the best way to treat it. Of course, the best thing to do is to stop blisters before they start. And, since you don’t have to be a runner to get one, you can also find out how to prevent blisters for athletes of different types.

So, check it out. Click the link to head over to the 2Toms Knowledge Base. Learn something new and if you don’t see an answer to your question, leave a comment and we’ll answer it there or here on the blog!

Your thighs will thank US….


In an effort to hear more from our users, we have asked people to review our products and give us their honest feedback! We want to know what you think.. The good, the bad and the ugly. Obviously, we think our products are great – beyond great.. FABULOUS! But we can’t just tell you that can we.

Yesterday Kerrie T., of Seattle,  posted a review on the 2Toms products, SportShield & ButtShield. Kerrie runs a blog called Mom vs Marathon.

Here’s what Kerrie thought –

Your Thighs Will Thank You…and Me (Review and Giveaway)
One of the things I didn’t realize about having a treadmill in my home is how much more I would sweat on it than I did on the ones in the gym.

Why is that?

The first time I ran on it in my bedroom, I ran in capris and a tank top. I almost died. The second time, I ran in a running skirt and a sports bra. My inner-thighs almost died. They looked like I rubbed sandpaper all over them then doused them with scalding McDonald’s coffee.

Even with minimal clothing, I sweat like a…well, like a chick running on a treadmill near a heating vent in her house in the winter.

So it was a complete blessing when the company 2Toms asked me to review their anti-chafing products, ButtShield and SportShield. Learn more about them HERE.

The first thing I noticed about the products (other than the word “butt” is in the name, which made me snicker like a 6-year-old), was that its consistency is different than any other anti-chafe product I’ve used. It is more liquid than solid, but not like a lotion. In fact, it’s slick like oil, but not oily, and you apply it by rolling it on. It didn’t ruin my clothes or the wood on my dresser (when I realized I’d gotten some on there). And it washes off of my skin easily with soap and water.

Be warned that the roll-on bottle must leak a tiny bit (which is how it got on my dresser), but I was happy that it didn’t leave any marks or stains! Just wiped it off with one of Mr. T’s socks. No worries.

When I put SportShield on for the first 3-mile test run, I was ready for it not to work. I don’t know why. I guess I’m a skeptic.

I love being proven wrong. Wait. No I don’t. But I do in this case. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve tested both products up to five sweaty running-skirt, thigh-rubbing miles on the treadmill and have had no chafing. In fact, not even an inkling of a chafe.

The true test, however, came on Sunday’s 10 miles. My toes. (Insert climactic music here.) I get a pretty nasty blister between my big (freakish toe, as Mr. T says) and second toe on my right foot for whatever reason. I used ButtShield between them on Sunday. (Hehehehehe. I said “butt.”)

When I got home and removed my sock, I could see that the little blister I already had there was puffed up a little bit, but it didn’t hurt and it wasn’t any bigger than it was already. Then, after my ice bath and a shower, and once my feet dried, I saw there was NO NEW blistering and NO PAIN. Hooray!

I definitely give ButtShield and SportShield a big toes- and thighs-up.

And, check, it out: I have three prize packs from 2Toms to give away! Three of you will get a 2Toms care package including 1 bottle of ButtShield, 1 bottle of SportShield and 1 bottle of Stink Free (so your shoes won’t smell like something died in them anymore). There are lots of ways to enter:

1. Become a Virtual Running Buddy of Mom vs. Marathon (follow) and leave me a comment below about your worst chafing experience. C’mon, I want details!
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Thanks Kerrie for the great review.   And now you should do one of the 5 options to enter her drawing!!!  Maybe you’ll win and you can do your own review!

We’re looking into the leaking she mentions!  I promise.. that isn’t the norm.

Stay tuned for more..