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“I wanted to let you know that I used 2Toms BlisterShield on several long runs and during a 28 mile trail race last Saturday and it is the best.  In fact, it’s the only product I’ve ever used for blister prevention. I can’t stand vaseline or the equivalent on my feet, and usually just expect to get blisters… sometimes disasterously. Your product disappears immediately and you don’t know that you put it in the socks. It doesn’t create slippage in the shoe, and seems to keep working despite repeated dunkings in knee-deep rivers during the race. I emerged with fewer blisters (zero, in fact) than I normally get on a dry road marathon. Oh, and I placed 2nd. Thanks!”

Jonathan Beverly, Editor in Chief – Running Times

2Toms Worst Blister Challenge

Now that’s Nasty… 2Tom’s launches “Worst Blister Challenge”

Contest asks Participants to Upload Photos of their Nastiest Blisters for a chance to Win

(Boston, MA)—April 15, 2010— Calling all Runners, Hikers, Cyclists, Dancers, and anyone else with extreme blisters. 2 Toms has officially launched its “Worst Blister Challenge.”  The contest asks participants and blister sufferers to upload a picture of their blistered feet for a chance to win.  First place receives a $150 valued 2Toms Family of products care package. All contestants will receive a FREE SAMPLE, just for entering.

“The worse and more extreme the blister is…the more likely it is that you’ll win,” said Katie Smith, general manager and marketing director, 2Toms. “It is slightly embarrassing because feet are gross for sure, but the idea behind the contest is that the worst blisters surely need 2Toms BlisterShield.”

Contest submissions are now being accepted:  http://wildfireapp.com/website/6/contests/31469/entries/new

Here is the campaign schedule:

  • Submissions: April 14th – June 16th
  • Voting: April 14th – June 30th
  • Winner Announced: July 6th

“So far the campaign is catching on fast and we are seeing a lot of competitive uploads,” said Jeremy Mays, the campaign’s creative director and president, Transmyt Marketing. “Our twitter numbers are growing and so are our Facebook Fans.”

To view the photos or hear some of the grossed out reaction, fans can join the contest or join 2Toms on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/2Toms.

All photos must include blisters on your foot to be eligible to win.