So, my last blog post talks about how chafing occurs on the skin, and what the 2Toms family of products can do to heal that fast. Several weeks ago, I wrote about the cause of blisters and 2Toms’ role in curing that as well.

But… have I ever told you about one of my very own nasty blisters? And how I could only dream at the time that blister-prevention products such as those manufactured by 2Toms even existed to help me?

I was young tween, if I recall correctly. Probably 10 or 11 years old. It was winter and I was out on the slopes. Well, the bunny slope, anyway. Taking lessons and learning how to ski! I was so excited! And learning well…

After some time, I was finally on my way down a slightly more challenging, and lengthy, course. Sure, I fell at times. But my instructor was right there with me, helping me up, encouraging my progress, and ready with inspiring words. And I was having a blast!

Soon enough, it was time to come in to eat. But I was having so much fun! Well, no bother. After some quick food in my belly I’d be able to go back out there and swoosh and ski with the best of ’em! This was just a minor inconvenience.

But, while inside gaining back some energy with some tasty foods, I also relaxed my tootsies by taking off my rented ski boots. And that’s when I and my parents saw it. A nasty, already broken blister – red and angry – right there on my foot. I had been having way too much fun to even notice it was there. But now, boy did it hurt!

And, with that, I was instantly banished to the ski lodge for the rest of the day. No more runs down the slopes. No more lessons. No more nothing. I was done. And I was mad!

If only 2Toms BlisterShield existed back then! I would have powered up my socks like nobody’s business, before I even started my first ski lesson of the day. Yep, I am certain that, with BisterShield on my side, (and in my ski boots), I’d be blister-free all day long without even the beginnings of a chafed raw area. 2Toms would have saved the day.

And now? I actually never did go back for my ski lessons. That little adventure was my one and only time ever on the snow covered slopes. I do not know how to ski.

Hmmm…. I guess I could always give it another go, couldn’t I?! Now that I have 2Toms on my side? Hmmm….

Maybe I will. Yes… I just might.

I’m done with the lazy, hazy days of summer! Bring on the snow! I’ve got some learnin’ to do!