Hubby and his footwear issues… They continue.

By now, he has purchased a new pair of running shoes. Not the pair he was originally shopping for (as he was not able to find his size at the store he went to), but a good pair nonetheless. I haven’t heard him complain about them, and he’s now run at least a couple times with these new sneaks. So, considering he has never been one to hold back a complaint, I’d say all is well in this department.

But now…

A couple weeks ago here in the northeast, we experienced the wrath of (for us – thankfully “only”) Tropical Storm Irene. Actually, in our particular case, it was not much of a big deal at all. Just another rainy day. However, there was one item of concern…

Our basement flooded. But – it’s okay! Our basement does this, on occasion. We’re “used” to it. And, hey, we’re renters anyway. If something truly awful ever came of this, it’s not our headache to deal with (well, other than potentially all our stuff getting ruined, of course).

So anyway, our basement flooded to my 6 ft. tall Hubby’s knees. We have a sump pump. It just doesn’t always choose to work. Until Hubby goes downstairs and pokes it. Waking it up, as it were, and telling it to, “Hey! get this water outta here already!”

And, with that, Hubby found himself downstairs a few times that weekend, making sure the pump was working and then – finally! – rigging up a pulley contraption of sorts that he could tug on from upstairs that would tap the pump awake again when needed. Brilliant! Yes, let’s find a way to not get you killed from electrical shock. That would be a good thing, I think.

But, yeah. Downstairs, in the wet, wearing his sandals as protective footwear. Everything all worked out in the end. Our basement is now (nearly, anyway) dry. Our landlord has been over to assess what needs fixing, and Hubby remained alive and well.

Except that… well, those sandals? They did not survive the weekend as swimmingly as everything else.

Ew… They… Stink… Big time.

Hubby says they are ruined. But I say “Not yet, they aren’t!” Why? Because we haven’t yet tried 2Toms StinkFree shoe deodorizer on them.

SkinkFree’s active ingredient is benzalkonium chloride, a disinfectant that kills odor-causing bacteria. Spray the shoes (or gloves or gym bag – whatever you’ve got that’s stinky) well and let dry before wearing. Particularly stinking shoes will probably require 2 or 3 treatments of spray. But the reviews are in! Stink Free works well on even the stinkiest exercise accessories.

I’m thinking that Stink Free may be just what Hubby needs to save these otherwise comfy and well-loved sandals. True, they may need even an extra spray or 2 beyond the extra spray or 2 recommended for extreme stink. But I am confident – Stink Free will do the trick.

But until then? Keep those disgusting things away from me.