2Toms Skin-on-Skin® Dressing Kit

Cushions, Soothes, Protects!


Soothing Cushion & Protection With Hydrogel

2Toms® Skin-0n-Skin® Dressing Kit provides advanced cushioning, soothing relief, and long-lasting protection for blisters, chafing and minor skin irritations – second only to your own skin.

Skin-On-Skin Hydrogel Pads (non-sterile) are made from pure water. These soft pads provide soothing relief on contact and protection from further irritation.

Skin-On-Skin Adhesive Shields ensure protection and secure placement of the hydrogel pads. Trim to fit any size needed, anywhere on your body. Breathable medical-grade adhesive moves with you for a comfortable, secure fit.


Why Is Skin-on-Skin Different?

With the unique combination of soothing and cushioning and the secure, customizable protection provided by the Skin-on-Skin adhesives, the Skin-on-Skin Dressing Kit provides superior protection for active individuals, athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts. The fast-actig hydrogel formulation provides moisture which helps “cool down” the area, provides temporary relief from pain and helps the healing begin.

The Skin-On-Skin Blister Kit Includes:


2 – Soothing Hydrogel Pads (6.25 “ X 3 “ /16 cm X 7.5 cm)
  • Single use. Not to be used with open wounds.
  • Can be trimmed to fit any area on the body
7 Protective, Medical-Grade Adhesive Shields
  • 5 – small adhesive knit sheets (3” X 1.5” / 7.5 cm X 3.7 cm)
  • 2 – large adhesive knit sheet (5“ X 3“ /12.7 cm  X 7.5 cm)
  • Breathable, medical-grade adhesive shield moves with you to ensure protection while securing placement of the hydrogel cushion.
  • Comfortably fits securely against your skin.
  • Can be trimmed to fit any area on the body.

Convenient For Travel

The compact size of the Skin-on-Skin Dressing Kit fits easily tool kits, backpacks, equipment bags, purses, and more. Great for destination races, visits to the gym, or to have on the sideline of a field!

How to Apply

  • Each Hydrodel Pad and Adhesive Shield is designed for Single Use Only.
  • Remove a single Skin-on-Skin Hydrogel Pad from package.  Cut pad to desired size.
  • Cut the Skin-on-Skin Adhesive Shield to a size large enough to cover the Skin-on-Skin Hydrogel Pad.
  • Remove blue film from Skin-on-Skin Hydrogel Pad and gently place on the area to be protected.
  • Peel the paper from the Skin-on-Skin Adhesive Shield and apply the adhesive side on your skin directly over the Skin-on-Skin Hydrogel Pad.
  • Change daily or more often as needed.
  • Reseal the package with unused materials to maintain the integrity of the hydrogel pads for future use.
  • DO NOT USE ON OPEN WOUNDS. See your physician or medical professional for sever wounds, continued irritation, or injuries that may be a result of Diabetes. NEVER block air passages.

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