Walking…my sanity salvation! If nothing else, my injury and subsequent recovering process has given me a new found respect for the walker. I use to scoff at people walking a Marathon…how does the saying go…? “Walk a Mile in their shoes…”

I did that, and then I walked another mile and even another mile! I was still going to Therapy, icing, stretching, small exercises, massage, e-stim and ice, but now I was WALKING!! (Notice the capital letters?) Yes, I was Walking and ENJOYING It!!

My “Walks” had progressed to 5-6 miles at a shot. In fact anything less than 4 miles wasn’t worth the time it took to lace up my shoes! At first when I posted my walks, thru my on line ‘runners log’, Daily Mile.   I would get the “Keep it up” or “You’re doing Great”….but it soon became a mission. I was (and am) ‘cruising’ at 13:30 -14 minute pace for 5-6 miles, up and down hills! Now it’s “jeez Dave, slow down, you’re almost as fast as I am running…” yeah, I LOVE those days!

The Walking Site talks alot about the benefits of walking.  And if your interested in learning more, this is where I would start researching it.  Walking has done something else to me as well.  It has strengthened parts of the leg that running doesn’t hit. I’ve noticed the Hamstrings do a LOT more work walking than running. Your Glutes are used more as well, and who doesn’t want stronger glutes? The foot strike is longer when you walk and you also move farther up the foot, rolling off at the top of the toe versus the ball of the foot. I also found out that walking will tear up running shoes faster than running in them…


The things you learn when you’re a Recovering Runner!