Ever wondered if runners in California were collectively faster than the runners in New York?

Me neither, but wouldn’t it be fun to find out?!

The organizers behind the new race series Run to Win America think it would. They want to know which is the fastest state in the nation. The new series will hold 5k races in each state, then average the times of the top 100 finishers in each race to see who wins!

There will be several national titles for each state to compete in:

  • Most Runners Per Capita
  • Most Runners Per Age Group
  • Fastest Top 100 Average
  • Fastest Average (All Runners)
  • Fastest Age Groups (7 Groups)
  • Fastest Male (Nationwide)
  • Fastest Female (Nationwide)
  • Fastest Average All Males
  • Fastest Average All Females
  • Plus some other fun categories

In an interview with Runner’s World, the series founder and runner, Ryan Jones, said, “There was no race where runners competed against each other across the country, so we wanted to fill that hole. If we can generate some state rivalry, a little fun smack talk, it’ll hopefully get more people running.”

The race costs $37, and finishers get a medal and a t-shirt. The site also says that a “substantial portion of the proceeds” will go to the charity Project Hope Worldwide, which supports children in Uganda. According to the Run to Win America, they will expand the charitable contributions in 2014 with support going to one national charity and one charity in each state.

The races begin on March 23! Go the Run to Win America Website to find the date and location of the race in your state. Who’s going to win?! Any guesses? We’ll find out after June 1 when the last race is run in Illinois.

Now, to see about getting some elites to sign up in my state…