April 23rd, my personal D Day!  The American Academy of Orthopedic surgeons say “In about 50% of patients, nonsurgical treatment relieves pain and improves function in the shoulder. ”  Of course, I’m lucky to be the other 50%.  Rotator Cuff Muscle surgery can be scary. I remember getting up early that morning wanting to  eat and drink everything in the house. Why is it any other morning you have no desire to eat, but when you know you’re not supposed to, that’s all you want to do?

My wife went with me to the Hospital where I released I am deathly afraid of needles…something one realizes when they tell you they are sticking a very large needle in your neck to block the Nerves (what WebMD says they are) from feeling anything. I awoke up, not realizing they had put me to sleep to do the nerve block and found that my mom was at my bedside. You have to love your mom, no matter how old you are.  When her children are having surgery, she’s right there at your bed side. And when I found out my arm was ‘paralyzed’, I began playing all kinds of silly games with the limp arm. My wonderful wife says this was the drugs, but I’d like to think I’m just that funny!

Somewhere during the time I was playing with my dead arm, I woke up to an arm braced and strapped into place and a head screaming for caffeine. If I hadn’t mentioned it yet, I am a Caffeine Addict! The nurses came by to check on me, and asked if I was ready to leave…”well of course I am…” I sat up to get dressed and my stomach turned white, my stomach flipped and I thought… “maybe in a bit”

Post Surgery Picture…

Getting home later that afternoon, I created my “kingdom” in the basement with everything I thought I would need to ‘recover’.

Therapy started in 2 Days!!! The steps back would be slow at first for this Recovering Runner!