By now you’re probably wondering when I’m going to start Running…right? Guess what…me too! The Doctor warned me it was going to take a long time, and no matter how hard I wanted to believe I was special…it still takes a while to recover from Surgery.

But before I could Run, I had to regain mobility in my shoulder.  To better understand what Therapy would be like, it helps to understand what they did to me.

*Warning-Weak stomachs might want to skip the next paragraph*

The Tear was behind the Scapula. The cleanest way to operate is to sever the bicep from the bone and drop the bicep muscle. This gives the doctor a cleaner look at the tear, unfortunately it adds to the complications of recovering from surgery.   Here is what the AAOS shows for surgery options.

The first few weeks of Therapy was nothing more than Heat, Massage, Ice & electrical Stimulation. After the first few weeks, she could begin stretching the arm. And while many of you might think that’s an evening of wine and soft music… I left Therapy wiped out.

I would like to note that after the first week, I stopped the pain killers. I also only used ibuprofen as an anti inflammatory. I didn’t want to mask the pain. I figured that if it hurt, I wouldn’t do silly things with it.

One of the best parts of recovery was logging in to Facebook and seeing all the messages on my page from friends and family.  And believe it or not, most of them were from runners, many of whom I had never met, but knew thru other runners. All of them telling me to keep at therapy, very soon I would be…


A Recovering Runner!