Walking…the bane of all runners. No “True” Runner ever walked! Many would go into a Marathon not thinking about a PR, but with the goal to NOT Walk… Runners, we are a silly group!

The day came when the Doctor released me to ‘walk’. What a wonderful day this was. A day I had been looking forward to with a weird almost cult like longing… When you’re a Runner and you can’t run for a few days you get ansy. When you can’t run for a week you get irritable…imagine if you will not be able to run for a couple of weeks… heh heh heh.

Along with Walking, I was released to ride the Recumbent Bike indoors, so I thought for my first workout I’d try this. I soon remembered why I hate riding Recumbent bikes… and indoor to boot, but I got to sweat, and THAT was amazing!  Here are some exercises to do on the Recumbent from ehow.com.


My first walk (with the sling on) was .75 Miles. I was more scared of tripping than anything else. It’s amazing how many bad sections of sidewalk there are in your subdivision…and the fact that you only notice them when the LAST thing you want to do is trip.  The next few walks were a little longer. Each walk I’d add a little bit more distance, stretching my endurance from a mere ¾ mile to a massive 1 ½ miles after 2 weeks. But every step I took, it took me one step closer to becoming…


A Recovering Runner!