Running injuries, just like running shoes, are a part of every runner. If you run enough miles, enough years you eventually get injured. Most injuries are an easy fix, stretching, ice, anti-inflammatory, and a bit of rest and your back on track. Many times a combination of a few of them is really all that’s needed. But let’s face it; getting a Runner to add rest days to his routine is like asking an ice cream cone to not melt in the middle of the summer…it just doesn’t happen.

For most runners injuries are just that nagging part of your life when you actually warm up the muscles and stretch before you run. It’s that time when you live on Advil to dull the pain. You cut your mileage back a bit and tell yourself that you’re ‘recovering from a serious injury’. You’re running friends get a kick out of it because they all just knew you were due for a running injury.

But what happens when the injury isn’t the run of the mill shin splints or Achilles tendinitis? What happens when the injury is so severe that surgery is needed? How do you cope with an injury so severe that not only is down time recommended and needed, there’s no way around it?

The Recovering Runner column explores the trials and tribulations of an Ultra-Runner’s journey through serious injury recovery.