Ragnar Relays are about to get dirtier. And that’s saying a lot since a bunch of people taking turns running and then piling into a van for a couple of days can get pretty gnarly.

Ragnar Run Trail Relays

Ragnar, the largest overnight running relay series in the United States, announced recently that it will be holding the world’s first overnight trail relay series in partnership with Salomon, a leader in technical design and innovation of athletic outdoor products.

Currently, in the Ragnar Run Relay Series, teams of 12 run a 200-mile relay in the course of two days and one night. Team vans travel with or ahead of their runners as each person takes their turn. It’s a point-to-point race. The Trail Series teams of eight run a 120-mile trail relay over two days and one night. But it won’t be point-to-point because of the nature of…well, nature.

Since you can’t take a van on the trails, here’s how it’ll work:

Over two days, teams of eight (regular) or four (ultra) people will run three loops at national parks and resort venues. The race begins on a Friday at a “Ragnar Village” – a central location. The first runner runs one trail loop before returning to the village so their next teammate can begin his or her trail loop. Teams run throughout the night into Saturday. Most teams will finish in about 20 hours.

While the runners are out, teammates party, I mean set up camp at “Ragnar Village.” According to Ragnar, there will be live music, food, bonfires, s’mores and decorations.

And I’m betting a lot of dirt. Notice they didn’t mention showers. I’m thinking you might want to pack some extra Stink Free.

Ragnar Trail Relay Locations

Here are the locations of the new trail relay series with more locations to be announced in the future:

  • April 26-27, Zion Ponderosa Ranch (Zion National Park, Utah)
  • June 7-8, Big Bear Lake (Morgantown, West Virginia)
  • July 26-27, Sierra at Tahoe (Lake Tahoe, California)
  • October 18-19, McDowell Mountain (Scottsdale, AZ)
  • November 15-16, Vail Lake Resort (Temecula, California)

What do you think? Will you be signing up? Do you enjoy running relay races like these? Do s’mores count as recovery food?