The long awaited race updates!

To recap, in the last few months I have raced the International Tri in Abu Dhabi 12th OA (I think I sent some pics from that one already), Wildflower Half 13th OA (not a great race for me by any means), Challenge Cairns full distance 7th OA, Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3 (again another shocker) 13th, Calgary 70.3 5th, and just finished a local Olympic distance race at 2nd.
My plans for the remainder of the season are to do the full distance Rev 3 race in Ohio, Austin 70.3, and IM Arizona.

I’m still learning a lot about racing in the pro division, training properly and still running a small business. It takes quite a bit of focus, energy and committment from me, my sponsors, my coach and my loved ones to make it successful. I am still very confident that my best racing is yet to come in the next few years!

The Abu Dhabi race was an awesome adventure that I hope to do again next year. Nothing like toeing the start line with many of Ironmans best for a huge prize purse at the beginning of the season to put your off season training to the test! I stood right next to Ian Thorpe, who surprised all of us as the race starter. That man is gigantic! The water was so extremely salty that once I came off the bike and felt my hair, it had crusted over and reminded me of my hairspray-loving days in the 80s. I have to say the extremely salty, sweaty conditions of this race were no match for my BlisterShield and SportShield roll on and towelettes. The powder I put into my running socks were such a comfort after the 200k bike! Ahhh, that was nice. I saw so many blistered and chafed people after this race, but I was absolutely untouched.

My favorite part of this race was the two loops we got to do around the Yas Marina circuit F1 race track. That was pure awesomeness! I almost over-cooked the first hairpin turn, but recovered and had a blast all the way around. I finished a respectable 12th and look forward to bettering my swim time to reach well into the top ten next year.

Although Wildflower was a disappointing race for me, I took away some great learning experiences that have helped me in my training. I got to do a driving roadtrip to the race with my buddy Leanda, who went on to win the race! You just can’t beat experiences like that no matter what my race result was.

Somewhat last minute I decided to go to Australia to do a full distance race in June, the Challenge Cairns. This was a very well run race that makes me want to do more of these series. Not to mention I got to travel to my favorite place on Earth, New Zealand, to see some friends afterward and I got to stay with Leandas parents in Australia during the race. What a great part of the world. I had a very solid race, felt very strong and finished 7th. Once again, a salty water swim was no match for my SportShield towelettes! Again, the powder in the run socks, yeah baby. My favorite part of this race, aside from the location, was the singing group of Aussies that regaled me with a different song about American women each of the 3 times I went past them on the run. I had my Team USA top on from LC Worlds last year, and I think I may have been the ONLY American racing! I handed out a couple of my towelettes to a few people who were interested in what I was putting on at the start of the race.

Calgary 70.3 was another good race for me. Again, much like racing in Australia or New Zealand, the people of Canada are so very genuine and welcoming and the race was so well organized, I will do this race again. This was my first time being interviewed by a sports TV channel, TSN before the race and I was invited to be on a pro panel to do a Q&A with age group participants. That was a great experience. I got a respectable 5th, and look forward to bettering that result next year. I may do a block of training and racing in Canada next summer, I liked it so much!

So, there’s a big long recap of the past few months of racing. I find that the 2toms product line are a superior product to anything else out there; I am proud to use and promote it everywhere I go to race and every day I train!

Lisa Ribes