We all train hard for our events, and then race, or compete even harder and that is hard on our body. We need to have a plan in place before our event to help our body recover after the race, so that we jump right back on the wagon and get ready for our next event. There are many facets to doing that including rest days, hydration and of course proper nutrition. What, you ask, would be the proper nutrition to recover? Here are a few tips post race recovery tips.


First off, according to takeachallenge.org, it’s important to get food in you within 30 minutes after your event. They also suggest that the snack be something that is 80% carbohydrates and 20% protein, something like bread and fruits. I’ve also been told that chocolate milk makes an awesome recovery drink. But do not stop there. Recovery takes longer than that day to finish. It is recommended to continue to eat carbohydrate and protein rich foods for at least 3 days after your event.



So what kinds of foods are carbohydrate and protein rich. Basically, the following foods:  bread, brown rice, potatoes, fruits and vegetables, mix up some tart cherries, blueberries and raspberries with greek yogurt, twice as much protein as normal yogurt, red meat, chicken and fish or beans and soy if you are a veggie.  All the normal healthy stuff we should be eating anyway just a little more of it.