As promised, the 2Toms 2012 Holiday Guide for Gifts for Hikers.  In New Hampshire, we sure do know how to hike.  Hopefully our experience and your knowledge will work great together to give you some tips for your hiker this holiday season..


It’s nice to have extras…Give the gift of Plenty then with Exped Trekking pole Winter Snow Baskets!  Cheap, easy to snap on and great to turn their trek poles into winter trek poles.  They may have them but we know baskets do break!  They’ll be happy for an extra pair!


Does your hiker complain of blisters and sore feet after a hike?  Give them the gift of Comfort with 2Toms BlisterShield.  The new shaker will fit perfectly in a stocking and will help your hiker for the whole year through. Blisters are no longer an issue!




How about a whistle?  Yes!  Ascent Fox 40 is the whistle.  Hikers need to be prepared as the scouts say.  Having a whistle allows the chance to be heard in case of an emergency.  By giving them a whistle, you are helping to keep them safe!




Satisfy your hikers thirst with a new waterbottle.  The CambelBak Eddy meets the needs of any hiker and the price of any shopper.  They may have bottles already but you know they need to be replaced!  Help your hiker this year with a new water bottle.  They will thank you!


Hikers clothes STINK!  Make your hiker more confident with  2Toms Stink Free Sports Detergent! Our odor eliminator is guaranteed to remove the smell left by sweat in those stinky, smelly hiking clothes!  They will feel confident and their hiking partner will thank you even more!




Once again we hope this helps make your shopping experience that much easier.  And, as always, if you have gift ideas to help out, please don’t hesitate to tell us!


Happy Holidays!