As I mentioned in my last post, Hubby has – once again – become quite the runner. Nothing like a marathoner, mind you, but a decent runner nonetheless. Which makes both of us happy, since this has been a goal of his for many, many years – with several starts and stops along the way. He’d always get frustrated by his “angry” knee acting up – and keeping him sidelined. And I’d get mad when his super pumped and committed starts – complete with new running sneakers needing to be purchased every time – continuously turned into abrupt stops every time his body started to show any strain and pain.

Sometimes he’d even convince me that, because of the slight size difference between his feet, he needed to get 2 complete, differently sized pairs of shoes just so he’d have the perfect fit on each foot. Grrrr….. We are not made of money…

I digress…

But now – yes, he runs. And he actually does need new running shoes. Not because he thinks they’ll help motivate him to keep up his new healthy routine. But because he’s been running and wearing out the shoes he has. Running in worn out shoes can lead to injury and muscle fatigue, so I suppose I really cannot deny him this purchase. Grrrr….

So – he’s looking around and finally settling on something like these –^4294922505&t=Men%27s%20Barefoot%20Running%20Shoes#/?ll=en_US&ct=US&pid=383229&cid=102201&pgid=383230&p=PDP – the Nike Free Run+ 2 Men’s Running Shoe.

Well, he’s actually quite interested in the Vibram FiveFinger running shoe, as he has read up on barefoot running and completely agrees with the ergonomically correct theory behind them. ( But… that style of shoe does take a decent amount of getting used to. So instead, he’s thinking the Nike Free Run+ 2 shoes will be a very happy medium between the classic running shoe and full-out FiveFinger style.

See, with the Nike version – and other brands and styles like it – the manner in which the soul is designed allows for maximum flexibility while running. The foot is not as constricted as it typically is in any classic running shoe. Hubby is thinking that, with this style shoe as his midway point, he’ll much more easily be able to move on to the FiveFinger style when he’s next in need of running shoes.

And since a good rule of thumb is to replace running shoes every 300 – 400 miles, it won’t be long before he’ll need to replace the shoes he’s on the lookout to buy now.

Please send money!