My husband came home from the chiropractor the other day carrying the July 2011 issue of Outside magazine.

I’ve seen this magazine before, but have honestly never flipped through it. But with this issue, I was intrigued.

Everything from a feature about the coolest new gadgets inspired by things like sustainability, synchronicity and history; to several in-depth interviews with some of today’s most influential people in the world of health and fitness; to an article about the awesome effects that can be achieved athletically by omitting gluten from your diet.

Looking further into this idea of a gluten free diet – for athletes, for anyone! – I happened upon this blog post. Jules is a gluten free blogger and, man, is she awesome! This post in particular is fantastically informative, and the rest of her blog is equally chock full of info, recipes, helpful links, etc.

Check out what Jules has to say about the gluten-free lifestyle. Read the Outside magazine article. Research on your own to see if gluten free is the way you want to be.

It may be the best diet-changing decision you’ve ever made…