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How To Treat Blisters

Even those who take blister prevention seriously cannot entirely eliminate blisters on feet, hands or other areas on the body. And if you can’t prevent blisters, the chances are that you will have to treat them. Read on for helpful blister treatment tips: WATER BLISTER TREATMENT Water blisters (common blisters on feet) are usually small […]

How To Stop Blisters From Getting Worse Once You Have Them

If you’ve ever tried treating a blister with pickle juice, you probably know the only thing that does is make you smell like a pickled cucumber. Tea tree oil to treat blisters smells nicer, but it’s complicated. Here some other blister remedies you can try in case you get a blister: Piercing a blister: Sometimes piercing […]

Common Walking and Hiking Injuries

  COMMON HIKING AND WALKING INJURIES Some of the most common walking and hiking injuries are easily preventable: blisters on feet, sore hips and knees, cuts and scrapes, and dehydration.   BLISTERS: What causes blisters? Friction or rubbing of the skin is one of the most common causes of blisters. Blisters caused by rubbing and […]

Seasonal Safety Tips for Hikers

Seasonal Safety Tips for Hikers HIKING SAFETY No matter the season, never hike alone. The Adirondack Mountain Club recommends a minimum of three people in a hiking group, and each person should be equipped with a map and compass. Study the map before heading out on the hike and stay together on the trail. Always […]

Seasonal Safety Tips for Walkers

Seasonal Safety Tips for Walkers WALKING SAFETY SUMMER WALKING SAFETY TIPS: Time matters: The American Heart Association’s Summer Walking Guide advises against walking outside during the hottest part of the day, typically 10 a.m. to 3 or 4 p.m. Walk early in the day or late. If it’s too hot outside, try walking at a […]