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How To Treat Blisters

Even those who take blister prevention seriously cannot entirely eliminate blisters on feet, hands or other areas on the body. And if you can’t prevent blisters, the chances are that you will have to treat them. Read on for helpful blister treatment tips: WATER BLISTER TREATMENT Water blisters (common blisters on feet) are usually small […]

How To Stop Blisters From Getting Worse Once You Have Them

If you’ve ever tried treating a blister with pickle juice, you probably know the only thing that does is make you smell like a pickled cucumber. Tea tree oil to treat blisters smells nicer, but it’s complicated. Here some other blister remedies you can try in case you get a blister: Piercing a blister: Sometimes piercing […]

Common Running Injuries

  COMMON RUNNING INJURIES: Unfortunately, running injuries are common for runners, especially newer participants in the activity who are more likely to over-train. Running injuries can also be blamed on body structure as well as the stress put on joints through the motion of the run. WebMD’s guide on preventing running injuries and treating running […]

Seasonal Safety Tips for Runners

Seasonal Safety Tips for Runners   RUNNING SAFETY SUMMER RUNNING SAFETY TIPS: One of the biggest factors in summer running or hot weather running in the summer months is the heat and how it impacts your hydration. “We generate heat during exercise and the human body is not particularly efficient in this respect – 75 […]

The Best Socks to Prevent Blisters

The Best Socks to Prevent Blisters In general, the best socks to prevent blisters on any athlete’s foot are made without seams and use synthetic fabrics that keep feet cool and dry. Running Socks: Toe Socks: Runners who frequently get blisters on feet and toes may want to try toe socks. These types of running […]