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Seasonal Safety Tips for Runners

Seasonal Safety Tips for Runners   RUNNING SAFETY SUMMER RUNNING SAFETY TIPS: One of the biggest factors in summer running or hot weather running in the summer months is the heat and how it impacts your hydration. “We generate heat during exercise and the human body is not particularly efficient in this respect – 75 […]

Road Running Etiquette

ROAD RUNNING ETIQUETTE When it comes to safety, treadmill running can’t be beat. But many runners would rather poke their eyes out than run on a treadmill. Here are safety tips for running out on the roads: Run against traffic. You have a better chance at seeing cars if they are in front of you. […]

Trail Running Rules

TRAIL RUNNING RULES Trails can offer a runner so much more than roads: fresh air, nature, peace and quiet, and adventure. But trails can be dangerous, too. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when trail running: Only run on marked trails. Pre-plan your run with trail maps or guides. And bring the […]

Race Etiquette

RACE ETIQUETTE Running with a few friends or alone on training runs is a lot different than running in a race. Be considerate of your fellow racers. Here are some rules to live by when running in races: Line up appropriately at the start line. How fast do you plan on running or walking? Line […]

Tips for Running in the Dark

RULES FOR RUNNING IN THE DARK Going night running? Here are some safety tips to think about when running in the dark: Wear a headlamp (or something like Knuckle Lights) and a reflective vest similar to this one from Nathan. Attach bright flashing lights to the front and the back of your vest for even […]