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What Causes Body Odor

BODY ODOR Smelly shoes, stinky socks and clothes: Exercise is a good thing, but it sure can make you sweat. And sweat stinks. Or does it?   WHAT CAUSES BODY ODOR? By itself, perspiration (sweat) is odorless. But it does contribute to body odor. The Mayo Clinic explains it’s the bacteria on your skin combined […]

Prevent Body Odor

In Causes of Body Odor, we learned that bacteria, toxins and your diet are the main causes of the proverbial body odor.  The question now is how to you prevent body odor? BODY ODOR PREVENTION BATHING: One of the easiest ways to prevent body odor is to bathe. WebMD advises washing skin with a wet […]

Foot and Shoe Odor Remedies

FOOT AND SHOE ODOR REMEDIES A sweaty foot is the ideal place for bacteria to thrive, which results in stinky socks and smelly shoes. Here are some foot odor remedies: SOAKING: Sometimes even washing feet regularly can’t stop food odor. Health911 suggest a few different soaking solutions to cure stinky feet. Apple cider vinegar solution: […]