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How To Treat Blisters

Even those who take blister prevention seriously cannot entirely eliminate blisters on feet, hands or other areas on the body. And if you can’t prevent blisters, the chances are that you will have to treat them. Read on for helpful blister treatment tips: WATER BLISTER TREATMENT Water blisters (common blisters on feet) are usually small […]

How To Stop Blisters From Getting Worse Once You Have Them

If you’ve ever tried treating a blister with pickle juice, you probably know the only thing that does is make you smell like a pickled cucumber. Tea tree oil to treat blisters smells nicer, but it’s complicated. Here some other blister remedies you can try in case you get a blister: Piercing a blister: Sometimes piercing […]

Common Cycling Injuries

  COMMON CYCLING INJURIES: An article in the American Family Physician (AAFP) on bicycle-related injuries reveals that most occur in males riding at a high speed, and the most serious injuries (head injuries and fatalities) are the result of collisions with automobiles. But cyclists can also suffer from overuse injuries, including those to the neck […]

Seasonal Safety Tips for Cyclists

Seasonal Safety Tips for Cyclists CYCLING SAFETY No matter what time of year, wear a helmet. (See Common Cycling Injuries on this website), and always do an ABCD Quick Check of your bicycle before you ride, advises the El Paso Bicycle Club. Check the air pressure, tire condition, brakes, chain and quick releases. It’s also […]

Gear That Helps Prevent Chafing

Gear That Helps Prevent Chafing   Compression Gear: Compression gear like compression tights and compression shorts has increased in popularity among cyclists, runners and triathletes recently even though the research on whether or not the tight-fitting high-tech garments is mixed. A study by Indiana University created quite a stir last year when it found compression […]