Running and Cycling… the Dead legs
So the miles are starting to add up, and fortunately the weather is still warm (at the time this thread takes place…). I’m alternating running days and riding days and feeling good…except for one important thing… MY LEGS ARE DEAD TIRED! During the course of my injury, recovery and new training, I had forgotten how tired a person’s legs could become.

A Lot of Runners don’t Ride and a lot of Riders don’t run. Both believe that in order to perform better at their given sport, you most put all your mileage into that single effort. Runners Run and Bikers bike…and never the twain shall mix… well at least until you start competing in Triathlons. I’m reminded of a story John Howard told many years ago at a Bicycle expo in Chicago. John was an Olympic and US National Road Champion on the bicycle and later went on to win the 1981 Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii. Before his first Ironman adventure, he was on a training ride when his bike broke down. He proceeded to carry his bike and RUN…the next day he couldn’t believe how sore he was. Running uses muscles that cycling doesn’t…and John found that out the hard way.

Another good thing about fighting thru the tired “dead leg” days, the Cycling days reduces the impact on your legs so that on your running days you’re able to train harder. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Being able to train harder? Because that’s what you need to do to become


The Recovering Runner