I’m running in the Seattle Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon this weekend. After that, my next scheduled race isn’t until the last weekend in November. That’s a long stretch without the excitement and adrenaline of a race! I may have to look for a race to run in early fall. So how do you find running races? How can you find a list of nearby triathlons? Here are few a ways I look for races. Leave a comment if you know of other creative ways to find races!


Click on “races,” then on the state you are looking to race in. Then, you can customize the list by month, by the length of the race you are looking for and by date. The list also includes some triathlon and duathlon races.

Runner’s World RACEFINDER

Type in the city or state where you want to race. You can choose how far from a certain city you want the race, the length of the race or “all distances,” the size of the event, the type of race (i.e. women only, trail, kids only), and you can enter a date range, if you desire.


You may recognize Active as it is one of the larger online race promoters in the country. You can look up all sorts of races and events on the site – there’s even an option to choose to search for “all things active.” Obviously, this site limits its race calendar to Active Network-races. But there are a lot of them, including triathlon and cycling races.


Competitor is another large online race promoter. Their online race calendar is searchable by state, date and event. There are a lot of events to choose from — adventure, swimming, running, skiing, cycling, triathlons and lots more.


Like Active and Competitor, OntheRunEvents.com promotes races online. Their calendar seems to be more limited, although there are a lot of distance and event options to choose from, including triathlons, swimming events and relays. You can search by month and state, too.

Local Running Clubs & Stores

Local running clubs often post races on their website. When searching online, type in your city, or the closest larger city to you, and “running club” to see if there’s one nearby. You can also ask your local running store if they know of clubs or races.