I’ve been working on my running base over the past couple of months. I can feel my legs are getting stronger. But sometimes we have to break away from our routine, right?

My family and I are on vacation for two weeks. While I have been looking forward to this vacation for a long time, I started to get a little nervous about my training. Can I stop exercising for two weeks?

Well, obviously, that’s a silly question. I enjoy running and its many benefits, including stress relief and extra energy. So, I won’t be stopping my running routine. But, I know from last year that exercise on vacation can be a challenge.

Here are a few ways I am going to fit in exercise on vacation.

Set Realistic Goals

I’m not entirely sure what the schedule of events is for the first week of vacation. We are visiting family for an occasion, so I am prepared to work around that. But I think a goal of running 4 times during the first week of vacation is realistic, and so that’s what I’m aiming for.

The second week, we will be somewhere else—and we will be on our feet a lot. I am not planning to run at all the second week, and I think a week’s break from running is just fine. Besides, like I said, I’ll be logging miles by walking all day, every day. Maybe I’ll wear my Garmin!

Be Consistent with Exercise On Vacation

I’m not worrying about mileage while I’m on vacation. I will exercise for the amount of time I can. After all, some is better than none.

Cross Train if You Can

I purposely checked out the hotel’s gym situation before our trip. Our hotel has cardio equipment, so if I have some time, I may try to get a bike ride in. They also have a pool. There are also a lot of exercises I can do right in my room with my own bodyweight, including my regular 15-minute core routine. But, we are going somewhere warm, so I’d really prefer to be running outside! (You know, I packed my 2Toms SportShield!)

Don’t Let Exercise Rule Your Vacation

Unless you are vacationing alone, don’t get so caught up in “getting your run in” that you annoy everyone around you and stress yourself out. Enjoy your break and your family!

Do you exercise on vacations? What’s the most exotic place you’ve been running?