Elation, Aggravation and Agony

Having just finished my first marathon in 10 plus years, I was riding a runners high. Never make big decisions when under the influence of Endorphins… (Someone should make a shirt that says that…). I was pumped.   And now, I needed another challenge…besides running the marathon faster…But at this point, I’m really not concerned with running faster. I’m concerned with reaching full recovery.

At the beginning of the year, you know, before tripping… I had 2 goals. One…I had just completed, running a marathon this year, the other? To run an Ultra marathon. Ultra’s are defined as an race longer than 26.2 miles. When I finished the Screaming Pumpkin, I felt like I had another 6 miles in me, and so, I think I can do a 50k race…but which one?

The Huff was usually run the last weekend of December and that would still get me my Ultra for 2012. But looking 1 week further I noticed another 50K!  Yankee Springs was having a 50K race on January 5th, 2013! This was more enticing for many reasons. I tripped and fell last year on January 8th . Running Yankee Springs would put almost exactly a year out from Shoulder Tear to Ultra! The closing of a near perfect Circle! But even better than that… my 50th birthday falls on the 6th. So I can run 50 kilometers 1 day before 50th birthday!  Yes I know, some of you are probably saying…”But Dave, you need to run 50 Miles ON your 50th Birthday!” (and part of me agrees with you…) But let’s do this one step at a time.

If you promise to let me get away with 50 kilometers the day before my 50th Birthday, I promise to run a 50 mile race later this year! In fact, I’ll even name it for you now! There’s a new Trail race coming to Indiana this spring, the Indiana Trail 100. And yes, they have a 50 mile race… don’t push it people, I’m not ready for 100 miles in one run!

So, no sooner did I fill out my race form for the Yankee Springs than two days later I strained a calf muscle! REALLY?? A Calf Strain???!!! So now I have 5 weeks until my 50K and I’ll need to shut down for two weeks to let this thing heal up so I can fake my way thru a 31 mile race on a mountain bike course, in Michigan in January… anyone think it’ll snow?


But hey, a little strained calf and some snow can’t slow you down, not when you’re…


The Recovering Runner!