Chafing. Ow. Even the word is painful.

Like blisters, chafing happens when moist skin rubs repeatedly against other skin or different material. What makes chafing a bit different, though, is that it tends to happen at one’s more sensitive skin sites. Good, because you become aware of the irritation sooner, thus stopping (if you’re able) the repetitive friction before blisters can form. But bad – very bad – because, well, it hurts a lot more at these sensitive places!

Yes – armpits, groin, nipples, inner thighs, bra line. If you’ve experienced chafing before, you know these are the most common areas for that nasty red rash of chafed skin to appear. These truly painful areas can sideline even the most seasoned athlete – or at least make he or she really, really hesitant to get out there again for another lap around the track or to take off on that several mile bike ride scheduled every Saturday morning as part of regular workouts or training.

Well, thanks to 2Toms, you can roll on a protective barrier of friction resistance, or apply a powdered coating between you and that rubbing material before heading out the door for a full day of activity and exercise! BlisterShield Powder simply takes the constant friction out of the equation and decreases heat build up as well. No heat? No friction? No chafing! Likewise, both SportShield and Buttshield provide the same protective barrier to friction and heat, but in a convenient silicon-based roll-on application – SportShield working well on any area of the body you find chafing to be an issue, and ButtShield meant specifically for, well, chafing, sores and blisters on your butt. In any case, you really can’t go wrong if what you need is an easy and effective means to prevent chafing from becoming a painful presence in your active life. 2Toms has got you covered!

Ahhh… now don’t you feel just a whole lot better now?