So, I recently had my vitamin D3 level checked. Now I have the results. It’s low. Really low.

As a result, my doctor now has me on a D3 supplement regimen. And, she tells me, I am going to feel “soooooo much better!”

Hmmm. I didn’t really know I felt that bad.

The first thing, she tells me, that I’ll notice after being on the supplements for a bit is that I will feel happier. “Not that you’re not already happy,” she says. It’s just that I’ll feel more “even.”

But, you know? I know what she means. And when I told my husband all this, he almost burst out of his skin with excitement.

“What?! I’m not ‘not happy’!” I said.

“No, but you’re certainly not what I’d call joyful. Yay! I can’t wait to have you back!”

Yeah, he’s right. Our daughter goes to bed each night, after which I do little more than grunt at him as he happily tells me about his day or tries to get a smile out of me. I’m just wiped. Done. Conflicted between wanting to sit and do nothing after a long work day and doing something I love and/or am committed to working on. I’m just not particularly happy.

So anyway, now I’m excited. Excited to see the positive changes as my D3 levels rise to where they should be. Better mood, better skin, less body aches, improved immune system (hmmm… maybe my low D level is why it took me so long to kick a fever, aches and malaise earlier this month.) I’m also mad at myself. Mad that I didn’t get my level checked earlier, my answers earlier, my supplement regime started earlier. Oh, if only! I’d be that much closer to feeling and looking so much better! Curse you, chronic procrastination!

Hmmm… sounds like trying to start an exercise regime, doesn’t it? You want to get healthier. You want to look better. You know it’s great for you. You may even know from experience that exercising actually makes you feel sooooo good! But… it’s the getting there that’s so problematic.

What we need here is some motivation, people! Motivation to get out there and do what we know we’ll love, what we know we’ll benefit from. I was not motivated to get my vitamin D3 level checked – even though I was pretty sure it was low. Even though I knew that getting it back to where it should be would be generally beneficial to me. I put it off. Then I put off talking to my doctor. And now? Now I’ve been told and have read about, concretely, ways in which I will feel better with a healthier vitamin D3 level. Talk about motivation! NOW I want to move on to a healthier lifestyle. Dang – I should have got on this resolution so much earlier than this.

Same with exercising. Once you’re motivation kicks in and the habit is formed, an exercise regime – one that you know will do you so much good! – will be easy to keep up with.

One thing I can recommend to get you motivated to exercise is to make your intentions public. Tell your spouse. Tell your family. Tell your friends. Heck – blog, Facebook or Tweet about it! Join an on-line exercise forum. Whatever it takes to have others in on what you’re trying to accomplish. With others “in the know” about what you intend, you will feel that much more guilty if you don’t keep up with your new regime and let not only yourself, but everyone else you’ve told down.

Going hand in hand with this idea, getting an exercise buddy is key! Someone to go running with, to go to the gym with. Someone else who is trying to achieve similar health goals as yourself. Yeah, you may not want to go out for a 5:00 a.m. run, but you know your friend is expecting you to go with her. So get out there and do it!

Another motivation? Join a gym. Yes, put down some actual cold, hard cash on your health and fitness. And then? Go! After all, to not go to your regular fitness center will be as if you’re throwing away your hard earned money. You don’t want to do that now, do you?

For more tips on ways to get and keep motivated for an exercise regime, check out this cool list of tips I happened upon. Lance Armstrong’s Motivation Tips

So get going, everyone! You know you wanna. You know you’ll feel great. Shouldn’t that be motivation enough?