The day I saw that my running buddy posted on her DailyMile workout that zombies had been chasing her was the day I started looking for a new running buddy. Just kidding! But I did ask her what in the world she was taking about. The next time I saw her, she raved about a fitness and game app on her iPhone called Zombies, Run!. Turns out that’s just one of a new genre of fitness apps hitting smartphones these days: exercise apps that are more like games than workouts. Here are 5 of them:


The Zombies, Run! website describes this app as an ultra-immersive running game. While you are running, a story is delivered to you via your headphones as orders and voice recordings. The zombies are coming! You have to run faster! When you’ve outrun them, you can slow down – and so on. Once you get home, you can build and grow your base with items you collected while on your run (like medicine, batteries and ammunition).

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Price: $7.99

Works on: Android, iPhone, and it’s been reported that it’s coming at the end of June for Windows Phone


Fit Freeway is a retro arcade-style racing game that you control while exercising on a cardio machine. Simply set your iPhone or iPad on your exercise bike or elliptical and the game reads the vibrations from your machine. The front-facing camera reads your head position – just lean left or right to steer.

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Price: $2.99 (or free for the Fit Freeway Lite version)

Works on: iPhone and iPad


The Teemo app combines “short-and-sweet exercises” with adventures and socializing to make fitness more fun. Create a team of friends and complete globetrotting adventures relay race-style while working out with the game’s interval timer, and audio and visual prompts.

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Price: $2.99 (free during a limited introductory offer)

Works on: iPhone and iPad


SpecTrek is described by its makers as an augmented reality game, which means it uses your phone’s GPS and camera to superimpose images into your natural environment. Hunt for ghosts on the Google map on your phone by running and walking, then zap them!

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Price: $2.49 (Try SpecTrek Light for free)

Works on: Android


Jade of Spades is from celebrity trainer and fitness expert Jade Alexis, and is described as an interactive fitness card game. Circuit-style interval workouts are randomly selected and last 10 minutes (or you can combine workouts for a full 60-minute routine).

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Price: $1.99

Works on: iPhone