Vibram Five Fingers Smelly ShoesDo you suffer from stinky Vibram Five Fingers?

Eliminate smelly five fingers with Stink Free!

If your like every other Vibram Five Finger wearer, you have certainly experienced the STENCH that comes when you slide your five fingers off after a wonderful day of fun. Not to mention the smell fills the room and seems to take days to dissipate! I’m sure you have tried everything from sneakers balls, to backing soda but are now forced to just leave your Five Fingers outside! Well did you know that Stink Free – The Odor Eliminator can solve your Stinky Five Finger odor?

What is Stink Free- The Odor Eliminator?

Odor eliminator stinky feet remedies

Stink Free is a Vibram Five Finger deodorizer that has been scientifically formulated to eliminate the odor caused by sweat without a masking effect from a perfume. 2Toms has researched shoe stench and found that the nasty, stinky shoe smell is caused by the thousands of bacteria that live in your shoes! That’s right..The smell created by those thousands of bacteria that comes from sweat in your shoes is getting trapped! If you eliminate the sweat that has gotten trapped in your Five Fingers when you wear them, you’re Five Fingers will be less likely to smell. So join the thousands of other Vibram Five Finger wearers to eliminate the STENCH with Stink Free- The Odor Eliminator!

How to Apply

During your first application of Stink Free, merely 2 or 3 pumps into each Five Finger Shoe depending on the strength of the odor. After that, spray Stink Free into stinky Vibrams 2 or 3 times per week. Always allow time for the shoes to dry. Of course, individual need & personal preference will vary. It is safe to use with or without socks!!

Now sit back and allow you’re friends and family to breathe a little bit easier now because you use Stink Free!  You can purchase Stink Free online now or locate one of our nearby dealers to get yours today!

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Odor eliminator stinky feet remedieOdor eliminator stinky feet remediesOdor eliminator stinky feet remedies

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Odor eliminator stinky feet remedies

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