Race Etiquette


Running with a few friends or alone on training runs is a lot different than running in a race. Be considerate of your fellow racers. Here are some rules to live by when running in races:

  • Line up appropriately at the start line. How fast do you plan on running or walking? Line up accordingly. Give faster runners the “right of way” by lining up according to your planned speed.
  • Listen to pre-race instructions if there are any. Turn off music or stop chatting with friends when the race director speaks.
  • Make sure your race number is pinned on the front of your shirt or on your shorts. It needs to be visible for race officials and for photographers.
  • If you need to stop on the course, move to the right, out of the way of other runners.
  • If running with a group of friends in a race, never run more than two abreast.
  • If you want to pass someone, say, “On your left,” then pass on the left. If another runner wants to pass, move over and let them pass. Don’t try to block other runners from passing.
    • If you want to pass a runner who is wearing head phones, or who did not hear your warning, gently tap them on the shoulder or elbow to let them know you are about to pass.
    • If you need to stop at a water or aid station, move to the right (or to the table), then check for runners behind you before you stop. If you do not need to stop, move to the left (or away from the table) to avoid collisions.
    • It’s polite to thank volunteers on the race course.

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