Prevent Body Odor

In Causes of Body Odor, we learned that bacteria, toxins and your diet are the main causes of the proverbial body odor.  The question now is how to you prevent body odor?


BATHING: One of the easiest ways to prevent body odor is to bathe. WebMD advises washing skin with a wet washcloth and soap. Then, completely dry your skin.

ANTIPERSPIRANT: Antiperspirants clog, close and block glands that produce sweat. Many antiperspirants do this with aluminum, which has been highly criticized by the health industry. However, study results have been inconclusive. Read more about the issue in this article by the National Cancer Institute.

DEODORANT: Deodorants minimize body odor by neutralizing it, as well as reducing bacteria. Deodorants have also been criticized, but not to the same extent as antiperspirants. If you are concerned about chemicals in deodorants, there are a number of products made with natural ingredients to choose from, including Tom’s of Maine and Kiss My Face.

DIET: Eating foods rich in certain amino acids can actually help reduce body odor. The Global Healing Center recommends foods high in lecithin and choline, such as cooked salmon and Atlantic cod, milk, eggs, broccoli, peanut butter and many more. (For more on choline- and lecithin-rich foods, visit Oregon State University’s Linus Pauling Institute’s website HERE).

SUPPLEMENTS: Supplements may also help with overall body odor, including Chlorophyll, Magnesium, high-potency B vitamins and Zinc.