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Running with a Stroller

TIPS FOR RUNNING WITH A STROLLER Jogging strollers may be one of the best inventions ever for running moms and dads. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind when running with your child in a jogging stroller: Invest in a good quality jogging stroller. Check out Consumer Reports’ ratings and recommended strollers. […]

Race Etiquette

RACE ETIQUETTE Running with a few friends or alone on training runs is a lot different than running in a race. Be considerate of your fellow racers. Here are some rules to live by when running in races: Line up appropriately at the start line. How fast do you plan on running or walking? Line […]

Tips for Running in the Dark

RULES FOR RUNNING IN THE DARK Going night running? Here are some safety tips to think about when running in the dark: Wear a headlamp (or something like Knuckle Lights) and a reflective vest similar to this one from Nathan. Attach bright flashing lights to the front and the back of your vest for even […]

How to Prevent Blisters on Hands

HOW TO PREVENT BLISTERS ON HANDS Foot blisters get all the attention, but there are actually a lot of sports out there that have athletes wondering how to prevent blisters on their hands. Rowing, tennis, cycling, baseball, CrossFit, gymnastics, golf…these are just a few of the sports that can cause blisters on your hands! As […]

How to Prevent Blisters While Running

HOW TO PREVENT BLISTERS WHILE RUNNING Blisters on our feet can ruin a run faster than you can say PR. As you run, especially longer distances like half and full marathons, your feet can swell and perspire more than normal, causing an increase in friction inside your shoes and socks, and in even between toes. […]