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Body Odor Remedies

BODY ODOR REMEDIES BATHING: Of course, one of the easiest ways to get rid of body odor is to bathe. Cleansing the body helps remove the sweat that bacteria break down, which is what causes body odor. Use soap and water on a washcloth to scrub armpits in order to remove more bacteria. HOME REMEDIES: […]

Prevent Foot Odor

PREVENT FOOT ODOR Why do feet smell? Well, where there’s bacteria and sweat, there will be odor, and the feet and hands have more sweat glands than any other area on our bodies. Hands get washed throughout the day, but feet do not, which is one of the reasons why feet smell. Here are a […]

What Is A Blister

Almost everyone has had a blister at some point in their life, whether it’s a foot blister caused by an ill-fitting shoe, a blister on their hand from a long day of working in the yard or a blister that appears after getting burned. Of course, there are different types of blisters because there are […]

Causes Of Blisters

What causes blisters? Friction or rubbing of the skin is one of the most common causes of blisters. Blisters caused by rubbing and friction can occur after walking, running or hiking long distances, especially while wearing ill-fitting shoes, or after performing other repetitive motions over an extended period of time; for example, shoveling dirt in […]

Types Of Blisters

It is important to understand the different types of blisters and what causes them because there may be different treatment tactics and means of prevention. The most common types of blisters include water blisters, blood blisters and burn blisters. But there are also types of blisters that may have been caused by a medical condition, […]