“It’s just nice to meet another human that shares my affinity for elf culture.”
-Buddy in Elf

Who else likes to dress up for a race?

My next one is a 5k in December and I plan on achieving a PR while dressed like a candy cane to match my group of running friends. Last year, I snatched up a 27:27 PR at the race wearing elf ears. I swear they were magic and made me faster. It was my first race after recovering from a shin fracture.

This year, I’d like to take at least two minutes off of that time, which is another reason why I want to keep my weight in check this holiday season. I’m also hoping the red sequined skirt I’m going to wear Dec. 17th will give me power and speed…and maybe some style points.

Actually, I sometimes wonder if some race participants don’t take “costumed” runners as seriously as the ones wearing basic shorts and a singlet. But then I think, “Who cares?” Being seen as “serious” about anything has never really been a concern of mine.

Here’s what I like about “dressing up” or wearing a “costume” for a race:
• It lets me embrace my inner-child.
• I get to be creative.
• Depending on the race, it can help make it more exciting.
• It gives me another reason to shop (like I need one).

For my race in three weeks, I’ve already got the red-and-white striped socks, the red sparkly skirt and some sweet (pun totally intended) candy cane antlers. The rest is to be decided. Do I go with a white long-sleeved shirt or do I go with a white tee and striped arm sleeves? These are “serious” decisions I have to make, people!

So, what do you think about costumed runners? Have you ever dressed up for a race? What’s the most creative costume you have ever worn or seen?