If watching Le Tour de France has you squirming in your seat–not from excitement, but from the thought of sitting on a bike that many days and hours in a row–then you might want to try ButtShield on your next ride.

ButtShield will help keep friction burns, saddle sores and butt rashes at bay. And it lasts all day, even under the most extreme conditions…like the climb up Mont Ventoux perhaps?

ButtShield Logo Home PageHere are 4 ways 2Toms’ ButtShield can help cyclists prevent chafing while cycling:

1. Use ButtShield as a Chamois Cream

That’s right. You don’t need both. ButtShield can be used as your chamois cream. In fact, in a review of ButtShield on Slowtwitch.com by triathlete Greg Kopecky, he said: “ButtShield truly keeps your butt and shorts independent of each other.  It’s slick, but not uncomfortable or strange.  The best part is it lasts a very long time.  Other chamois creams I’ve used can dry up towards the end of a long ride and stop doing their job.”

What’s in ButtShield? Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Green Tea Extract, Calendula Extract and Horestail Plant Extract. It’s non-staining, non-toxic and non-greasy. And the roll-on applicator makes it easy to apply. It’s safe for both leather and synthetic chamois–apply it directly to the chamois and then roll it on your body for extra coverage. Kopecky’s final thought: “I think ButtShield IS better than regular chamois cream.”

2. Use ButtShield on Inner Thighs

2Toms’ ButtShield can also be used to prevent chafing on thighs. Other ways to prevent thigh chafing on a bicycle is to get a good quality seat, and to wear proper clothing, such as bicycle shorts. But sometimes that’s not enough. Apply ButtShield to your inner thighs before your next ride to avoid chafing.

3. Use ButtShield Under Seams

Bike shorts are tight. Although, good-fitting bicycle shorts–or pants–shouldn’t be too tight, they can still leave red marks and even chafing on your skin under the seams around your waist and legs. Before putting them on, apply some ButtShield on your waist where you cinch your shorts. Women can apply ButtShield under sports bra seams, as well, to prevent chafing on the upper body.

4. Put ButtShield on Feet

Of course, the best way to prevent getting blisters on your feet is to have a good pair of cycling shoes and a quality pair of sweat-wicking socks. But what about those people who are just blister-prone? And some triathletes prefer to go sockless on the bike. Take a second to roll ButtShield all over your feet and you can avoid blisters that come from wet, sweaty skin rubbing in shoes.

For more on 2Toms’ ButtShield, visit the FAQ page.