Sweaty Hands: Is Chalk or Grip Tape Enough?

Sweaty Hands: Is Chalk or Grip Tape Enough?

Is Chalk Or Grip Tape Enough?

If you do anything that requires a secure grip you already know all too well that sweaty hands and moisture are the enemy. Whether you’re dealing with heat and humidity or sweating under pressure, you’re not going to maintain your grip until you can control the moisture.

For most people, the first line of defense often comes in the form of grip tape or chalk.

Grip Tape
In the gym, grip tape is used to keep your hands protected during high-intensity training. The coverage helps reduce friction and prevent painful skin injuries.

tennis grip tape

On your racquet, overgrip tape is designed to increase padding and improve grip.  While some tapes may even promise to reduce perspiration, be resistant to sweat, or repel water the simple truth is that they’re not designed to hold up under prolonged exposure to sweat or moisture. The result? You lose your grip or even worse, you end up with blisters given the large amount of friction created.

You can find everyone from weightlifters, to cross-fitters, gymnasts, and rock climbers using chalk to dry their hands and improve their grip. The right amount of chalk is imperative to ensure proper friction reduction. Re-applying chalk during activity isn’t always convenient.  And, in many cases, chalk can cause extreme dryness. Studies have shown that too much chalk can cause build-up and have the adverse effect of creating a slippery layer.

gymnast using chalk for grip

While chalk and grip tape serve an important purpose of reducing friction, neither is ideal for also keeping fingers and hands sweat and moisture free.

The Winning Combination
Designed specifically to prevent sweating and repel moisture, GripShield® works instantly to dry your hands, keep them dry – not sticky or greasy — and will not rub off. GripShield creates a moisture barrier to improve grip and enhance your performance.

Used alone or in combination with grip tape or chalk, GripShield delivers the dry grip essential to compete and succeed in humidity and is perfect to be used by anyone whose performance is adversely affected by sweaty, wet hands from perspiration. GripShield can even be used inside of gloves. It’s ideal for golf, tennis, gymnastics, climbing, weight lifting, cross-fit, baseball, football, and more!

100% Guarantee: 2Toms GripShield comes with the 2Toms 100% guarantee. Users, if not completely satisfied will receive a full refund.

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2Toms FootShield: The Reviews are in!

2Toms FootShield: The Reviews are in!

photo: Amy, livinglifetruth.com

2Toms FootShield:

Real World Athletes Put It To The Test

“Go Longer, Finish Stronger”, “Shield Yourself”,  “Products that keep people moving”. Medi-Dyne and 2Toms have had many mission statements when it comes to creating products for athletes. But none of these phrases are as important as what real life athletes are saying about our newest product, 2Toms FootShield. We partnered with BibRave and it’s team of BibRave Pros to see what runners, yogis, dancers, dads, moms and people just like you had to say. Read their rave reviews below!

” I’m extremely impressed with this product. My feet and toes are very impressed and are much happier with this experience. For someone who has struggled with blisters, excessive sweating/moisture in my feet, strong foot odor (the odor of effort) and athlete’s foot, to be able to prevent and keep all that away is remarkable. I think the product gives me more confidence when running/walking, makes me more surefooted, and helps me thrive better in my very active athletic lifestyle.” – Jeremy runninggrooveshark.com


” I have put 2Toms FootShield to the test over the past month and this roll-on works as a perspiration barrier for my feet and helps keep them dry and odor free! FootShield has replaced my “baby powder therapy” by using a blend of natural antifungal, ingredients and moisturizers reduce and prevent sweaty feet, the growth of bacteria, athlete’s foot, blisters, and smelly shoes.” – Amy livinglifetruth.com


“I had some athletes foot going on my feet prior to starting out with 2Toms FootShield. I have started to use FootShield before every run, and the athletes foot had cleared up.  At one point, I forgot to apply my FootShield on for a couple of days in a row, and it came back.  Can’t let that happen again.  I got back to my routine right away after I realized it was coming back.” – Mark daddydidyouwin.wordpress.com

“I learned from trying it out that it’s great for applying before a run or workout, as well as after. I like rolling it onto my feet before I put on my flip flops. It keeps my feet drier in the crazy Florida humidity. I toss FootShield into my post-run recovery bag so that I can put some on my feet when I take off my running shoes. It feels refreshing on my tired feet. Bottom line is, FootShield is a product you will want to check out for yourself. 2Toms makes the highest quality products for endurance athletes and it shows.” – Shannon girlsgotsole.com


We’re thrilled to hear so many runners are loving drier feet, fresh fragrance, natural oils and antifungal treatment of FootShield! Happy feet make for happy runners! Give FootShield a try today.