Beth Ridson entertains the world with her blog, Shut Up and Run (SUAR), on a daily basis.  Not only does she keep a blog running daily, she is a mother, a wife, a triathlete and a 2011 Athleta featured athlete.  She has spent her time with Team in Training and got to run with Dean Karnazes this year.  And if thats not enough..yesterday was her birthday!

From the time SUAR said yes to reviewing our product to the time it arrived at her doorstep, she got hurt!!!  Yes, that just sucks.  But she did the review anyways and promised a giveaway to her follows.  Here’s what she said…

Butt Shield Giveaway

I know you think I’m going to talk about a fart-filter or something of that nature, but you are WRONG!

Having problems with your ass? It’s not uncommon (double negative) for us athletes. There are the bike seat blues. And, the running rubbings. The kayaking caking and the horseback riding hammering. All kinds of chafing, friction and irritation that gets up in there. Well, maybe not UP in there, but UP ON there. If you’ve experienced it, you know what I mean.

I do have a lot of problems with my booty, yet chafing has so far not been one of my issues. Although, with half ironman training kicking in, I could be singing and chafing a different tune.

If your butt is a sore spot, consider Butt Shield. Supposedly, this roll on product provides relief from your worst saddle sores, chafing and ass rashes. More importantly (as it says on the package):

1. It lasts all day. If you don’t like to rinse or wash after your workouts, then it will continue to provide protection all day at your kids’ soccer games or during date night with your lady/stud. Chris K. might like this since he is manly now.
2. It is non staining. Neat. As if you could stain your butt any more than it already is. Bleaching on the other hand…
3. It is unscented. Well, thank God. We wouldn’t want to try to mask any existing smell on the buttocks.
4. It is non-greasy. For those of you with greasy asses, this won’t add a second coat.
5. Also good for the non-athlete. Think long hospital stays, road trips, airline travel, waiting at the motor vehicles hell hole.

SUAR annouced the winners yesterday of the giveaway.  Congrats to Holly, Diana, Steve, LaVonne, & Jamoosh. Sounds like you ALL need our products badly.  Hurry, call now.. limited supply is running out!  If you order in the next 30 seconds, YOU can have free shipping!

Did that make you want to buy it now?  Isn’t that what they do on infomercials..

Well thank you for your entertaining review of ButtShield.  We all highly enjoyed reading it!  and we must say.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Hope your 44th year is even better than your 43rd…