Remember your college days?  Or better yet, are you in college right now!??  I remember mine and remember loving to grab food while running to class, stopping at the HUB for a juicy burger or freshly baked bagel.  I also remember late night stops at the fast food places after the bar closes and junk food binging while studying.   I never thought about food like I should have I guess.   That freshman 15 definitely caught up to me by junior year.

The organization, The Best Colleges, helps you “.. find information on hundreds of online programs…. and aim to bring you affordable options, so you know you’re getting good quality for your money, but not spending a fortune in the process.   They recently released a study about the best Brain Food for sleeping, studying and stress relief.  Seen below –

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If only I had known this – I would have eaten even more guacamole and Tiramisu!