Do you run errands?

No, I mean actually run them. Like with running shoes. And no car.

I did this on Monday night. I needed dishwasher detergent in a bad way. I’d already been to the store, and the one thing I forgot? Dishwasher detergent. Of course. So, instead of getting back in my car, I decided to run to the store.

I’ve run there before, so I know it’s not too far, and it was still light out. The only bad thing was that I didn’t have a good backpack for this type of thing. I decided my free 2011 Seattle Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon bag would suffice, and I threw it on. A half-mile later, I was at the store.

Yes, people looked at me like I was weird. Yes, I stunk like I’d run 10 miles already. Yes, I realize that could be why people were looking at me. But I also burned off the glass of wine I’d had for dinner earlier, which means I can have an extra biscotti later.

Round-trip took me 15 minutes (including shopping and checkout time). Total distance was 1.43 miles. I know that it would’ve taken that long, probably longer, in the car with parking and everything. I’m sold on this running errands thing!

Have you ever done this? If you’ve never tried running errands before, challenge yourself to do it this week. You won’t regret it! Especially if you get to have dessert when you get home!

A few things I discovered on this quick run:

-I liked “running” my errands, but if I plan to do this more often, I will get a running backpack, or day pack. There are some, like this one by ASICS from Road Runner Sports, for as low as $39.99. You could even spend a little more for one of these running day packs at REI, or get one with a water bladder in it for when you decide to become an ultra runner. My free race backpack bounced all over the place and I had to hold the strings, so I couldn’t swing my arms very well.

-It’d be impossible to run to the store and do a big shopping trip. Save “running” errands for those times you need small items.

-Be prepared for staring. They’re just jealous.

-Double-up on the deodorant before you leave the house.