"The Boys"

The boys resting while I fix my snowshoe.

My husband and I went for a hike this weekend.  I was so excited.  The elements from the heavenly hosts aligned for the perfect conditions.  Fresh fallen snow, about 12 inches.. Beautiful blue-bird day…Snowshoeing for the first time this season… and hiking with our 7 month old twin boys in our new-to-us Kelty hiking packs.

We wanted to stay close to home…  We live at a great ski resort in Southern New Hampshire, Crotched Mountain Ski and Ride.  There is so much terrain that we have yet to walk and explore, that we thought this was a great idea.

So there we are walking through the woods, snow shining like diamonds under a spotlight.  The dogs (did I mention was have 2 boxers) running like rabbits in chest deep powder.  And the boys smiling and looking at everything through their baby sunglasses I found for them.  My husband is in front of me and I’m complaining that my heel hurts.  He suggests to check out my snowshoe.  So, I have stopped to fix my snowshoe that is rubbing up and down on my boot because I didn’t have it strapped down correctly.  We keep going and get home about 90 minutes later.

Taking off my boots – what do I find.  A HUGE, Ugly, Pink BLISTER!  ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!???  Don’t I make the stuff that prevents this?  How did I go out without it?  I am an idiot!

So.. don’t forget, like I did, to lube up before you go out.  Even if its a simple snowshoe, blisters happen.  Pain happens from that dumb blister.  Trust me, 4 days later – I’m reaping the benefits of the pain.  SportShield and BlisterShield both would have prevented my problem and my pain.

Here’s to remembering why I do what I do on a daily basis.  To help people prevent unwanted and unnecessary pain.